Saturday, December 4, 2010

Source for Paper C


Word Count: 247

AUDIENCE: those who will read my paper (people who are in charge of Disney's decisions regarding 2-D animation)
ARGUMENT: Walt Disney Animation studios has been a leader of animation since the beginning
GOAL: to convince/remind the audience of Disney's illustrious history and encourage them to carry on the tradition
HOW: Ethos - invoke ethos by the number of sources, and I know many of them to agree with the facts I've heard, read, seen elsewhere--it's an impressive list, but it lacks credibility being on Wikipedia without citation
Pathos - the number of achievements in animation is astounding and can appeal to those who love the medium
Logos - If there are so many innovations, and if that has helped Disney do so well in the past, shouldn't it be useful, now, too? Logically speaking.
Typical: It reminds the audience of the background they've had since they were children with animation, and maybe reminds them of a few facts that will ease their minds more about taking a few risks.
Relevant: It is relevant in that most of the people in animation are fairly well-versed in the history of it. Reminding them of the innovations of the past can be inspiring and also touches their knowledge base.
EFFECTIVE? I think the use of those facts in the paper would be wise. However, the uncited nature of the claims, especially on wikipedia, may undermine ethos. It would be MUCH more effective to get them from a different source.

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