Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Paper A

Ummm... I don't think I'll reproduce it here for you (beause that'd be WAY too long). Instead, I'll just provide you with this handy dandy link:

Paper A

Word Count: 236

1. ARGUMENT - Marriage will not hinder academic success; in fact, it may improve it.
2. AUDIENCE - Students who feel pressure to marry, but care most about their academic success.
3. GOAL - to persuade them that marriage is okay academically, if it's in their way
4. HOW - Ethos: Though the emotions associated with marriage themselves probably make sense, it's nice to have a sense that an impartial judge is able to confirm common sense. The studies (academic ones) and surveys are cited, which provides a voice of authority for the claims being made.
Pathos: Using a light tone, especially on the introduction, brings in humor. An audience member who finds this funny will probably be more sympathetic and willing to hear out the rest of the argument.
Logos: There are many inferences and common sense--I think almost everybody would agree that if you marry the right person, you'll feel happy. Even though this is a highly emotional subject, the use of studies and of anecdotes which make sense should appeal to a logical perspective.
Sufficient: Though the evidence used may not be enough to convince a person already skeptical of marriage, the audience is BYU students--as well, BYU students whose only real obstacle to marriage is their fear that it will decrease their academic success. Though some of the evidence is anecdotal, this is fine for the audience.
Typical: The evidence is relevant to the audience. Two specific instances are the statistics of marriage and divorce in the USA (which applies to BYU students). Another example is the percentage of married couples that graduated from BYU.

5. EFFECTIVE? Yes, with the exception of one crucial element. It's missing a counter-argument, which is that getting to marriage requires a lot of work and tears, etc. It's hard to find a person! It's not like if you want to be married to day you can be tomorrow. However, with this fixed, it should be very effective.

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