Friday, November 12, 2010

Piece of Art

This was actually something I did myself, but it was convenient and it has a message, so here goes.

1.ARGUMENT: Society is so materialistic today that even superheroes would use their space to advertise.

2. AUDIENCE: Americans, esp. superhero fans

3. GOAL: To make people laugh (and think, hopefully).

4. HOW:
Ethos - By using a certain quality of tools and especially of lettering, an artist can seem more legitimate. Also, a certain skill in the level of drawing makes you take the piece more seriously than, say, a stick figure.
Pathos - By juxtaposing the jumble of logos with the usually crystal-clear logo and appearance of a superhero, as well as the backdrop and the $ signal, the picture will hopefully inspire a laugh or some emotion.
Logos - The thought process going into this was interesting, because it seems like something that would happen if superheroes were actually real. They'd be like a cross between the most amazing athletes and the biggest movie stars. Wouldn't they endorse products? And their advertising space would be a VERY valuable commodity. They could probably live off of that alone.

5. EFFECTIVE? I thought it was effective in getting across the idea of materialism. It could be more concrete or more condemning, but I think I prefer that it leaves a lot of interpretation to the viewer. The art is fairly rough around the edges and cartoony, though. If I had it to do again, I would probably spend more time on it and do it better technically. It would also probably be better in a more Marvel-comic-book style, just to jar the expectations a bit more.

(PS I don't know why it's saying that I posted it at 10: 57 PM, but it's lying. My clock over here says I finished up at 6:06 PM.)

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